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Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham

Wheel Alignment In Nottingham


Wheel alignment, sometimes known as ‘tracking‘ is absolutely vital when fitting replacement tyres to your vehicle as incorrect alignment can result in quick unbalancing of the wheels, which can affect the safety as well as the handling, which could end in a Road Traffic Collision.


It can cause excessive wear to suspension or steering components; by ‘kerbing‘ (hitting a kerb); potholes in the road and potholes being prevalent these days, it makes excellent sense to ensure your vehicle‘s wheels are correctly adjusted; which is where Extra Grip Tyres Ltd can help you achieve perfect wheel alignment, as we have laser equipment to guarantee that your wheels are accurately aligned.



The angle and direction at which tyres are set when the vehicle left the manufacturers is very important to be continued, in order to look after the tyres, to give a longer life and will provide reassurance that you will have a smooth journey. Extra Grip Tyres Ltd will check the direction & angle against the makers‘ specifications - often expressed as ‘toe in‘, ‘toe out‘ or positive or negative camber.


‘Toe‘ alludes to whether the fronts of the tyres are nearer or further apart than the rear of the tyres. Unrelated types of vehicle need different ‘toe‘ settings allowing for the way that wheels either pull apart or towards each other.


‘Camber‘ is the outward or inward slant of a tyre - it‘s set originally by the manufacturer, and as it can be affected by potholes or traffic calming measures on the road, so may need to be corrected regularly.


It‘s very important to check tyres often for abnormal tyre wear, e.g. early wear on the outer or inner shoulder, which may have been caused by inaccurate camber settings.


Necessary Information for Wheel Alignment Problems:


Tracking Means Wheel Alignment

Possible Causes of Wheel Misalignment




Traffic Calming Humps

Toe In

Toe Out

Positive Camber

Negative Camber

Abnormal Tyre Wear


Extra Grip Tyres Ltd offer a wheel alignment service in Nottingham, offering a free assessment followed by, if required, your wheels realigned by our Laser Wheel Alignment equipment, from as little as £20.00.


For More Information on Wheel Alignment in Nottingham,

Call: 01159 790 429


Nottinghams Main Authorised Kumho Tyre Dealer
Laser Wheel Alignment 18.00
Puncture Repair 7.50