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Check Your Tyres In Nottingham


Remember, the tyres are the only contact with the road surface and play an important rôle to ensure that every journey you take is a safe one.


Don’t wait until something drastic happens to your vehicle, Extra Grip Tyres Ltd offers the following ways to ensure you give your tyres extended life:


The best way to help stop the development of breakdowns, excessive repair bills and accidents is:



Carry out frequent checks for adverse wear and tear




Check & adjust your vehicle’s tyre pressures often, and always when the tyres are cold – it’s worth purchasing a tyre pressure gauge/tread depth




Your vehicle handbook will give you the proper tyre pressures as over-inflation can damage the tyre and under-inflation will cause rapid tread wear, overheating and higher fuel consumption




Don’t forget the spare tyre!




At the same time, check the tread depth as 1.6mm is the minimum legal limit, but 3mm will ensure your tyres will give you more efficient and safer tyres, and will save you a possible fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on your diving licence for each tyre




Check for damage, such as slashes or punctures




Check the tyre’s sidewalls for injury, e.g. splits or bulges as this type of damage can result in a ‘blow out’ (unexpected tyre failure) risking a Road Traffic Collision or worse – so replace that tyre as soon as possible, remembering to swap with the spare




Have the professionals check your tyres if the vehicle has made an emergency manoeuvre like heavy and/or sudden braking, as this can cause severe imbalance and misalignment




If the wheels are imbalanced you could notice the steering wheel juddering over a certain speed – causing premature wearing of suspension and steering components and tyres.




After your wheels have been correctly balanced, you will become aware of a far more comfortable ride and, of course enhanced wear from the tyres



If, after checking your tyres, you are worried – call in to our premises on Triumph Road and we’ll give your tyres a free assessment by one of our expert technicians. If you’re also unsure about your tyre size, give us a call, or feel free to drop your car into us, and we will check the tyre size for you.


*Please note some cars have different tyre sizes front to rear.


For Further Information On Our Nottingham Tyre Service

Call: 01159 790 429


Nottinghams Main Authorised Kumho Tyre Dealer
Laser Wheel Alignment £18.00
Puncture Repair £7.50