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Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham

Snow Tyres / Winter Tyres Nottingham

Snow Tyres / Winter Tyres Nottingham


Extra Grip Tyres Ltd supply and fit a wide range or snow tyres from leading manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear and Pirelli at our Nottingham premises. Winter tyres, or cold weather tyres as they are also known, will be the key to keeping you moving this winter with their specialist compound and tread, offering drivers better grip and control in wet and dry conditions when temperatures dip below 7C.


Snow tyres are designed to excel in the colder temperatures, snow, slush and ice that the UK regularly experiences, providing enhanced grip. Winter tyres are designed from special rubber compounds that stay pliable at low temperatures. The tyre tread blocks have wavy cuts in them gripping the road both on braking and acceleration. Extra Grip Tyres Ltd, supply a complete range of snow and winter tyres, 4x4 snow tyres, and van snow tyres.


Winter Tyre / Snow Tyre Benefits Include:


Better Grip The special compound in a winter tyre means it remains softer in low temperatures, offering extra grip, better braking, traction & handling.

Greater Control & Safety The tread design of a winter tyre has been specially created to offer better grip and traction in snow, slush & ice.

Enhanced Performance The technology in a winter tyre means they perform better when the temperature drops below 7 C

Breaking Performance  Improvements on wet, icy & snowy roads.


Winter tyres / snow tyres are mistakenly believed by many people to be just for use on snow and ice. The fact is that winter tyres perform best in cold weather when temperatures drop below 7C. Winter tyres are a huge safety advancement in motoring providing better and shorter stopping distances of 10% in rain, and 20% in snow.


Winter tyres make a lot of difference to your cars performance in the snow and colder conditions. They grip better in colder temperatures than standard tyres which harden during the cold weather, and with a more aggressive tread pattern and softer rubber they help compensate for a lack of traction in the snow.


Stay Safe This Year For Less
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