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Run Flat Tyres Nottingham
Run Flat Tyres Nottingham
Run Flat Tyres Nottingham
Extra Grip Tyres Nottingham
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Run Flat Tyres Nottingham
Run Flat Tyres Nottingham

In addition to standard road and winter tyres, Extra Grip Tyres Ltd both supply and fit a wide selection of run flat tyres for a comprehensive range of vehicles in Nottingham. An increasingly popular request, run flat tyres are commonly used for high end sports cars and performance vehicles, as well as executive saloons.

With more and more vehicle manufacturers producing car models with run flat tyre capabilities, our team of Nottingham tyre fitters are proud to offer an efficient, thorough and competitively priced run flat tyre fitting service.

Benefits Of Run Flat Tyres:

Run flat tyres are purposely developed to maintain a car’s mobility should a puncture occur.  With much thicker walls than regular tyres, run flat tyres are specially designed to support the weight of the car despite a gradual or instant loss of air pressure.  

Should the tyre PSI drop below a pre-determined level, a sensor within the tyre valve will relay an indication to the driver. This system is commonly known as TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).

The majority of run flat tyres can be driven between 50-100 miles, at a speed of up to 50mph once punctured. Unlike conventional tyres, this enables the driver to exit the motorway safely, before visiting a tyre centre for a repair or replacement tyre.

The longer the distance travelled with a punctured tyre, the more likely a replacement tyre will be needed, as apposed to a simple repair.

Run Flat Tyres: Important Facts

Only vehicles fitted with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) can utilise run flat tyres. As all run flat tyres are reinforced, it is important that the vehicle in question has a specifically configured suspension to compensate the rigid properties of the tyres, ensuring a “smooth” ride.

Should you require a simple replacement or and entirely new set of run flat tyres, our team of Nottingham tyre fitters are happy to help, offering free  and valuable advice on all aspects of run flat tyres, accompanied with an affordable tyre fitting service.

For More Information On Our Run Flat Tyres

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